Saturday, December 16, 2017

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Welcome to our School District Website... Our mission is: "To provide every student the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary to be a successful high school student, a respectable citizen and a lifelong learner." Our school district offers a standard, comprehensive curriculum with specialized teachers instructing K-8 music, art and physical education. Hampton School District students perform above the state average on 9 of 12 measures of the state PARCC assessment. We have 236 students, 17 teachers and 15 support personnel.
The Hampton School District may enroll students from outside the district, but we do not have open enrollment.


 Non Hampton Resident Students. Beginning June 23, we will begin accepting applications for non-resident students to attend Hampton School. Please fill out an application, and a signed policy statement, found above, and mail to 206 5th Street, Hampton, IL 61256.




Homeless Liason--Scott McKissick

Steven's Amendment In compliance with the Steven's Amendment, the federal government has given Title I, II, IV, and VI monies to Hampton School District #29 to support local programs. Anyone interested in acquiring more information as to how these monies are targeted or spent should contact Mr. McKissick.