Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Welcome to Mrs. Boster's second grade!

This page will give general news and updates on activities and what we're learning. Homework information will be on this page if there is a special project that has been assigned. Check the spelling list page for current words and click on the links below for reading and math games.  I hope you enjoy this site and check back often for new information!

Homework: Parents are asked to check all homework and initial each paper.  Learning in second grade is a partnership!

Reading:    We work hard on our comprehensive reading series, "Journeys".  Reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling are the focus for language arts in second grade.

Reading homework is expected each night.  This 15 minutes of reading aloud to an adult will be in addition to other homework.  A reading calendar will be sent home each month, and book titles should be written on the calendar for homework credit to be given.  These calendars should be turned in on the first day of the next month.  (School and public library books are used for this, but let me know if you need to borrow books from me.)

Spelling:  Second Grade spelling words highlight a phonics pattern for each unit and story.  Spelling tests will be every Friday or every other Friday. Check newsletters for weekly information about test dates. Check out my spelling page for a link to the SpellingCity website.

Spelling homework:  Spelling tests will take place every week or every other week. On the first day of the test week the list of words will be sent home with sentences and a Tic-Tac-Toe sheet of activities. Three activities should be completed during that week and the papers should all be returned, signed by a parent, at the end of the week (usually Friday).

Math:  Three digit addition and subtraction will be taught and practiced through March.  Then we will count money, tell time, measure, and work on 3-D shapes and fractions.

Fact memorization is very important! "Pig math", 12 problems in 30 seconds, will help us find the patterns and memorize.

Science and Social Studies: Life science, including plants and animals, will be a large focus of our learning, as will daily geography and map skills. 

We'll have fun and learn a lot this year.  Call or write a note in the daily planner any time you have a question!


Taking care of the Earth
Second graders have a year long theme about conservation
and caring for our environment and the creatures in it. Each year we learn about bats and try to visit Bald Eagle Days to learn about birds of prey, especially bald eagles.
Alcoa put up a camera by the bald eagle nest on their property. The picture is very clear and you can watch the parents, Liberty and Justice, as they fly in and out of their nest taking care of eggs and eaglets. Click on the link below!

  March Birthdays


Minute Math

Second graders need to memorize their addition and subtraction facts to 18.  Parents can help with this by buying or making flashcards and planning 10 minutes a day to help practice and memorize.  The link below is a site where math flashcards can be printed.  Fun math skill games can be found there as well.

"Bee" a good reader! Reading is a very important part of what we learn this year. Sounding out new words and understanding what we read are two skills that we work on throughout the day in all subject areas. Remember that second graders are to read aloud to an adult for 15 minutes each day. Homework reading calendars are due the first school day of each month.