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    Welcome to Middle School Math with Mrs. Meers! Our goal as budding mathematicians is to master the Common Core Standards while building our confidence in mathematical skills through a variety of teaching techniques and strategies. 

  • Don't forget that for math you are required to have: 

    ~ A sharpened pencil (more than 1)

    ~ Graph Paper

    ~ A binder and notebook for math ONLY! 

    ~ Loose leaf paper or a notebook for homework assignments 

    ~ A calculator (TI 30XII is preferred, but not required-any calculator will do) and is MANDATORY


  • Class Schedule - Math

     8:00-8:30 0 Period 8A
     8:35- 9:30 1st Period  7A/7M
     9:35-10:20 2nd Period  Prep
    10:20-11:10  3rd Period  8M
    11:10-12:00  4th Period 6M
    12:00-12:30   Lunch 
    12:35-1:25  5th Period  Elective
     1:30-2:15 6th Period  7SS
     2:15-3:00 7th Period  8 Study Hall