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    Third Grade


    Third Grade Schedule


    8:30-9:00- Morning Meeting, Handwriting, Lunch Count and Attendance

    9:00-10:15- Math

    10:15-10:30- Morning break

    10:30-11:05- Art (M, W, every other F), Music (T, Th, every other F)

    11:05-11:15- Study Hall

    11:15-11:45- Lunch

    11:45-12:00- Read Aloud

    12:00-1:00- Reading/Language Arts

    1:00-1:25- Social Studies

    1:30-2:15- Leveled Reading Groups

    2:15-2:25- Study Hall

    2:25-2:30- Tidy up/Sanitize

    2:30-2:50- PE

    2:50-3:00- Pack up/Wrap up the day

    3:00- Dismissal 

    3:00- Dismissal 

    * On Fridays we practice math fluency and do our Science activities in the morning.