Welcome to Mrs. DeCock

    and Mrs. Hartman's Website!

    On this website, you will find links to the left providing information about our assessment process here at Hampton School and how we utilize our reading group time, as well as, a bit of information about Common Core. 

    We truly enjoy working with each and every one of our students!  Let's all work together and make every day count, with lots & lots of learning!  You are welcome to contact either one of us if you have any questions! 



    Here are some helpful tips to promote a happy student!


    1.  Early bedtime

    2.  Healthy breakfast

    3.  Routine homework time

    4.  Quiet homework location

    5.  Choose patience

    6.  Stay positive...school is a good thing 

         for your children!  :)


                                                             Mrs. DeCock


                                                          Mrs. Hartman