• School-Wide Assessments:

    MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)

    MAP is a standardized, computer-based assessment, that is given to students in 1st-8th grades in the fall and spring.  Students are tested in the areas of Reading and Math for grades 1-5 and Reading, Math, and Language Usage in grades 6-8.  

    MAP is aligned with the Illinois Common Core Learning Standards and scores are reported in RIT numbers, which is a value special to this test.  Students' scores may indicate an instructional level in a particular subject. 

    For more information, visit www.nwea.org

    DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment)

    The DRA is administered to 1st-3rd grade students by Reading teachers, on an as-needed basis.  Classroom teachers make referrals for this assessment if they need more information about a particular student.  All students receiving supplemental reading support are given the DRA at least three times per school year.

    All kindergarten students at Hampton School are given DRA literacy tasks three times per year (fall, winter, and spring).

  • Reading Group Instructional Programs:


    ALL kindergarten students are in a daily 20 minute Reading group! Students complete daily Tuck-in's, which coorelate with the Kindergarten Superkids Reading program that is taught in the classroom.  In addition to the Tuck-in's, students engage in appropriate literacy-based enrichment activities. 

    1st Grade

    In first grade, students qualify for additional Reading support.  During their small group time, students have extended support in the skills being taught by Mrs. Johnson.  We teach with a balanced literacy approach (combination of phonics and sight words).  Enriched guided reading, comprehension, writing, and spelling are all included in our time together.  Groups meet for at least 50 minutes/day, some greater.

    2nd Grade

    Students in 2nd grade receive additonal literacy support based on their needs.  We use the Soar to Success program to provide assistance with phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and writing.  Groups meet for 55 minutes/day.

     3rd Grade

    We use Houghton Mifflin's Soar to Success Reading Intervention program for students in 3rd grade.  This program focuses on how to apply reading strategies to help with decoding and comprehension through guided, small group instruction.  This is a highly effective, research based program. Groups meet for 60 minutes/day.  Other supplemental materials to promote grade-level literacy are incorporated on an as-needed basis. 

    We also know the importance of independent reading, so we help our 3rd grade students in selecting and comprehending books at their personal levels in order to meet Accelerated Reader goals and develop a love for reading!