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    Welcome to second grade!

    This page will give general news and updates on activities and what we're learning. Homework information will be on this page if there is a special project that has been assigned. Check the spelling list page for current words and click on the links below for reading and math games.  I hope you enjoy this site and check back often for new information!

  • Homework: Parents are asked to check all homework and initial each paper.  Learning in second grade is a partnership!

  • Taking care of the Earth
    Second graders have a year long theme about conservation
    and caring for our environment and the creatures in it. Each year we learn about bats and try to visit Bald Eagle Days to learn about birds of prey, especially bald eagles.
    Alcoa put up a camera by the bald eagle nest on their property.  The picture is very clear and you can watch the parents, Liberty and Justice, as they fly in and out of their nest taking care of eggs and eaglets. Click on the link below!

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    "Bee" a good reader! Reading is a very important part of what we learn this year. Sounding out new words and understanding what we read are two skills that we work on throughout the day in all subject areas. Remember that second graders are to read aloud to an adult for 15 minutes each day. Homework reading calendars are due the first school day of each month.