• Grading Scale:

    100  -  93  = A

    92    -   85 = B

    84    -   77 = C

    76    -   70  = D

    69 and below = F

    One grade off each day an assignment is late.

    Plus and Minus are assigned as follows:

    100-99=A+                84-83=C+

    94-93=A-                   78-77=C-

    92-91=B+                  76-75=D+

    86-85=B-                   70-71=D-


    One-day extension for each day missed with a one-day grace period.

    (Example: Ill Tuesday-assignments due Thursday.  Ill Monday and Tuesday- assignments due Thursday and Friday.)


    Homework Policy:

    Students will receive homework throughout the week. They will normally be given time in class to work on it, but not always. Homework is to be returned by the due date given. If homework is late, students will spend their recess time working on it. Late assignments will not earn an A grade.


    Read at Home:

    Students are encouraged to read 100  minutes a week. This year we will not have a calendar to record the number of minutes they read. Students who read at home frequently tend to encounter richer vocabulary and have better comprehension in all subject areas. 


    Classroom Rules and Rewards:

    1. Respect self

    2. Respect others

    3. Respect learning

    4. Respect property/environment


    Classroom Consequences:

    If students choose not to follow the rules, the following consequences will be implemented:

    1. Student will be given a verbal warning. 

    2. Student will stay in for recess and write a behavior note to parent stating what happened and how they will change the behavior. The note must be signed by parent before going to recess the following day. If recess is over, they will stay in the following day. 

    3. Parent will be notified by phone and student will be available to talk to their parents about the situation. 

    Severe disruptions will result in student being sent to the office immediately.