• Here are my classroom documents

  • The method of extra credit for Jr.High Math begins with test/quiz corrections. If all corrections have been completed and approved, then students can work on correcting past assignments for more credit.

    Test Corrections/Quiz Corrections procedures are as follows:

    1. Get a separate sheet of paper (NEVER write on a completed test)

    2.Write out the whole question

    3. Write out the whole correct answer, including all work

    4. Look up the section in the textbook that deals with your topic (you should be using this to help you complete the problem correctly)

       - write that page number next to your problem that you completed

    5.Do this for all problems missed, staple to test, & turn into basket


    All problems MUST be 100% correct and all directions must be followed to receive credit. 25% of lost points or up to a 70% will be gained back for corrections.