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    Mrs. Johnson's First Grade
  • Welcome to our first grade website! Here you will find information about what is going on in our classroom and school.
  • Daily Reminders... Have your child read at least 10 minutes each day. Check your child's planner & sign it daily. Check your child's folder for homework or returned papers. A reading calendar will come home at the beginning of each month. Please take time to fill out the book titles and minutes that your child has read. The calendars are due at the end of each month.
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           We are introducing a new story in Superkids every other week. With each story, we will be learning 5-6 memory words. These lists of words will come home as we begin a new story. Please take time to study these words at home. Practice the first 100 Dolsch Words at home. If you need a new list, please let me know. Read at least 10 minutes every night. I have sent home "bag books" with your child each week. This a book that should be at their reading level. Be sure to use the reading strategies as you read with your child: Predict/Infer Self-Question Think About Words Summarize Evaluate *Don't forget to ask your child comprehension questions about the story to check for understanding. Bag Books will be coming home each week. Please keep this book for the week and use the reading strategies that have been taught. The books are due on Friday and given out on Monday.
  • Science/Social Studies



    In Social Studies/Science, we are learning about family, communities and neighborhoods. We are reading and working with our Studies Weekly Magazine.










    I have introduced numbers, addition and subtraction in math. Please practice math flashcards at home on a regular basis. We are also working on place value using tens and ones. 




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    We will begin Spelling in November. Each week the students will have a spelling test. The pre-test is on Monday of that week, and the final test will be on Friday. The list of words will come home on Monday evenings. Please take time to practice these words at home. We will do many activities in class to review the words as well. Your child can also go to: www.spellingcity.com and plug in our spelling words of the week to play fun review games!

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     I will begin to introduce the students to "the hamburger" to help them with the writing process.The goal is for them to be able to write a paragraph independently. You will see practice sheets coming home. If you would like additional handwriting paper to use at home, please let me know.






         In first grade,your child will have Homework 3 times a week on Tues., Wed., and Thurs. evenings. Please watch for this to come home in your child's blue folder. The homework is always due to school on the following day. I will look for it in your child's blue folder. The homework will always be a follow-up sheet of something that we've already worked on in class. Thank you for your help with this. I appreciate all that you do!