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           Due to the continuing Coronavirus precautions we are taking to help keep everyone safe and healthy in our school, communities, and beyond, I have put together another large packet and have provided additional links to help your child continue to learn while at home for the next few weeks.  As with the last packet I provided, this information includes Language Arts (reading/writing, etc.), math, science, and social studies.

    This time, you can report to the school office to pick up your packet.  This new packet will be available for you to pick up on Monday, March 30, 2020.   

     Again, our Kindergarten Superkids (Language Arts) curriculum and materials are much too involved and interactive to expect your child to accomplish at home, so instead I'm going to send home supplemental materials (and links) for which to practice reading and writing skills at home.

    I love and miss your children very much, and will look forward to seeing them and teaching them again as soon as it is safe for everyone. 

    In the meantime, please keep those great learning concepts and skills going at home, and I wish you all peace and good health!



             Ask your child to tell you about our SUPERKIDS friends, who help make our Language Arts lessons engaging, fun, and interesting! 

    We're continuing to work hard and do our best.

    We are well on the road to learning about letters and sounds (and SO MUCH MORE), and we're already decoding, blending, reading, and writing words and sentences!   We are SuperKids, too!  

    Our math skills are really "adding up" now, too! We've been making lots of connections on skills such as number recognition, understanding, and writing, patterns, plane and space shapes, positions, attributes, fractions, and simple addition and subtraction.  In addition, we've been counting by ones, twos, fives, and tens each day.  Please practice these skills at home, too!

    Tick, tock, tick, tock....It's about that time to learn to tell time with analog and digital clocks!  We can hardly wait! 

    The weather is changing!  Please have your child dress appropriately.  Also, please remember to send an extra set of clothes (including underwear and socks) for your child to keep in his/her locker in case of a spill, accident, or playground mishap.




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    You've no doubt noticed that your child is reading and decoding (sounding out) many words, books, and poems by now!  In addition to our thematic and decodable words that we enjoy learning, we have more sight/memory words that we're learning to read!  Please have fun practicing the words with your child.  Encourage your child to "chop out" words that he/she can decode.  Some fun activities you can enjoy with your child include Word Bingo, Cookie Sheet Words (using either cookie dough, flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, or chocolate chips, etc.), Boom Sticks, and Word Memory Game, just to name a few!   Please refer to your child's progress reports to see the current words we're working on.  Your child is well on his/her way to reading hundreds of words in kindergarten.