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             Ask your child to tell you about our SUPERKIDS friends, who help make our Language Arts lessons fun and interesting!

    We are well on the road to learning about letters and sounds (and SO MUCH MORE), and we're already decoding, blending, reading, and writing words and sentences!   We are SuperKids, too!  

     We continue to have a great time with our Superkids friends, as well as the Quirkles, who allow us to incorporate phonics with science!  In addition to learning about letters, words, sounds, etc., we're enjoying each Quirk's science lessons!  For example, with "Colorful Caroline" we learned about primary and secondary colors and how secondary colors are created!  This was an exciting experiment!  Did you know all colors come from mixing just three colors? Try it!

    Our math skills are really "adding up" now, too! We've been making lots of connections on skills such as number recognition, understanding, and writing, patterns, plane and space shapes, positions, attributes, fractions, and simple addition and subtraction.  In addition, we've been counting by ones, twos, fives, and tens each day.  Please practice these skills at home, too!

    Tick, tock, tick, tock....It's about that time to learn to tell time with analog and digital clocks!  We can hardly wait! 

    The weather is changing!  Please have your child dress appropriately.  Also, please remember to send an extra set of clothes (including underwear and socks) for your child to keep in his/her locker in case of a spill, accident, or playground mishap.




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    You've no doubt noticed that your child is reading many books, poems, and words by now!  In addition to our thematic and "extra-special" (Words of the Week) words that we enjoy learning, we have the following sight words that we're learning to read!  Please have fun practicing the sight words with your child.  Some fun activities you can enjoy with your child include Sight Word Bingo, Cookie Sheet Words (using either cookie dough, flour, sugar, salt, or chocolate chips), Boom Sticks, and Sight Word Memory Game, just to name a few! The sight words are:

    the  see  this  is  a  can  I  my  said  have  you  look  at  it  go  to  do  did  like  and  put  we  not  get  in  but  jump  run  here  are  they  fish  find  ride  will  play  come  little  now  park