• Mr. Wils's Physical Education Class 

Mr. Wils Physical Education and Health
  • Welcome back Hawks!


    I would like to start off by introducing myself, my name is Chris Wils and I am the Physical Education and Health teacher at Hampton. I have been teaching Physical Education for eight years now and  I still love coming into work everyday!

    In PE class I will be encouraging students to focus on cooperation, individual and team sports skills, lifetime activities and overall health and fitness.  My goal is to introduce students to a variety of skills, games and sports that they can use at home, in the park or on a team.

    I encourage ALL to participate and give their best effort (regardless of the activity), in the gym as well as in their classroom.  I have high standards and expectations of my students but I know they can achieve them! At times, certain activities may be hard, but we ALWAYS try!

    Please make sure to wear proper clothing and footwear on their PE days! Boots, High Heels, Crocks, Toms, flip flops and dress shoes are not acceptable footwear in my class.

    I am looking forward to the upcoming school year!  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me.


    Mr. Wils