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    Third Grade

    During Remote Learning, parents feel free to use our class schedule

    for your day at home too.  

    Third Grade Schedule


    8:30-10:10- Spelling/Intervention and Math lessons

    10:10-10:25- Morning Break

    10:40-11:10- Music/Art (A or B Week)

    11:15-11:45- Lunch and Break

    11:45-12:00- Read Aloud

    12:00-1:15- Language Arts 

    1:15-2:15- Leveled Reading Groups

    2:20-2:30- Brain Break activity

    2:25-2:30- Tidy Up

    2:30-2:50- PE

    2:50-3:00- Lockers

    3:00- Dismissal 

    * On Fridays we assess weekly reading and math skills. We focus on Science and Social Studies throughout the entire day. Speakers are invited in, we complete labs and other hands-on activities.