Staff Member of the Month

Here are the words used by those nominating Mr. Kerker for this honor:


Tony always works so hard for us. He takes care of our needs and wants, without complaining too much! He not only comes in early in the mornings, but he even comes in on weekends. I know that everyone in our building appreciates all that he does to make our jobs so much easier.


Tony has gone above and beyond getting the fourth grade classrooms moved and ready for the new year. I know he stayed late and came up with some great ideas to make this transition smooth for both students and staff. He always comes up with creative ways to problem solve, is a friendly face in the building, and has shoveled more than his share of snow this winter to make it safe! Hampton School is blessed to have him as part of our staff!


Tony is always willing to go out of his way to lend a helping hand. He is one who will show up on weekends or stay late at night to make the school a better place. Need something built that the school doesn't have, Tony is your guy.


Congratulations, Mr. Kerker!