Team Uniform and Sports Equipment

Team Uniforms and Sports Equipment

Athletic equipment seems to get more expensive every year. It is the responsibility of the student athlete to secure all school issued uniforms and equipment. The expense of a uniform is significant and if the athlete forgets to lock his or her locker, the athlete will be expected to pay for the school issued athletic equipment and/or uniform

Care and Maintenance of Uniforms

All athletes and parents are responsible for the cleaning and maintaining of all uniforms issued to them during the course of a season. Some of these uniforms are costly items and may shrink, fade, or bleed color if washed in hot water. In addition, our logos and numbers may crack and peel off if temperature settings for washing and drying are too hot. Therefore, it is recommended not to wash uniforms in hot water and avoid drying on hot temperature settings. Please wash uniforms in cold water and hang to dry. Be sure to read the tags on the cloth for washing and drying instructions. If the uniform needs to be replaced, the athlete will be expected to pay for the replacement item. 

Return of School Issued Uniforms

It is the responsibility of the athlete to  return all school issued equipment to their coach or athletic director at the end of their season. All team uniforms and equipment are to be returned to the coach immediately after the last practice, contest or scheduled meeting by the coach. Athletes should never give their school issued equipment or uniform to any one else to return for them. The athletic director keeps an accurate record of school issued inventory and if there are any items not returned at the end of the season, the athlete will be placed on an indebted list. Athletes are not permitted to keep their uniforms at the end of a season. Athletic uniforms are costly to replace in small quantities. In addition, many of our uniforms are custom made, and cannot be matched. All parents are asked to support our inventory policies, and make every effort to see to it that their child’s uniform is returned to the coach immediately after the season concludes. Please be advised that it is more beneficial to have the inventory item returned than to have the item paid for. Family cooperation is essential. Please make all attempts to locate and return all school issued athletic inventory at the end of the season. Athletes who are indebted will not be issued any other school uniform for another sport season until they clear their indebtedness with the coach or athletic director. If the uniform is lost, or ruined, the athlete will be held responsible. The athletes will also not be eligible to receive any athletic awards until the missing items of inventory have been returned or paid for.